Daily Dose of Protest: Thoughts and Prayers – Dispatch

“Thoughts and Prayers” is an unreleased tune from veteran indie rock band Dispatch, which they been performing live during their tour to support their 2017 album America, Location 12. During the song’s intro at their November 30, 2017 performance at the Fillmore in San Francisco, the band mention that the song was written in response to another mass shooting. It is from the perspective of a parent who loss a child due to a senseless shooting. The song makes it clear that thoughts and prayers are not enough. The song continues to resonate in light of the February 14th, 2018 Parkland, Florida high school shooting that snuffed out the life of 17 people. If those in power continue to be in the pocket of the NRA and fail to enact meaningful gun control policies then the cycle of endless tragedy will continue. Thoughts and prayers without decisive action won’t prevent the next shooting.